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The Lactona story began in 1932 in St Paul, Minnesota where the company's founder and first president, Dr. Glenn Millard decided to manufacture the ideal dental tools that he would personally want to use on his patients. He derived the name, Lactona, from the chemical Galactonic Lactone, an ingredient in elementary toothpaste that was sold by Lactona when the company first started. During the 1940’s, Lactona Corp. was in the forefront of a major change in toothbrush handle manufacturing - injection molding – that created the more durable, simpler handles of today. Prior to the advent of nylon filament, the handles featured hog bristles. To this day, Lactona has carried the excellent cleaning capability of the hog bristle into current manufacturing. The hog bristles are responsibly and ethically harvested, then washed and dried, sorted by length and color, and bleached and treated which is primarily done by hand requiring considerable skill. Lactona is the only American toothbrush manufacturer that still offers the highly effective natural bristle brush. In 1938, DuPont developed the first nylon filaments and Lactona spearheaded the switch for toothbrush manufacturers. Lactona nylon filaments are end rounded during the manufacturing process making it much safer on delicate gingiva. Now selling over 60 different products ranging from mouth wash to saw blades, Lactona’s comprehensive line of dental products are designed to make any dentist proud. Today, Lactona is still family owned and operated by many people that have watched the company grow for over 40 years and their passion for the product is very evident.

Lactona's #19 Extra Soft Toothbrush was the first toothbrush to land on the moon and was used by Apollo astronauts during the lunar voyages of the 1960's!