Interdental Cleaners


Interdental Cleaners


Lactona Interdental brushes are a revolutionary breakthrough in interdental cleaning for homecare. Since the shape of interproximal surfaces is very often concave, floss, toothbrushes and toothpicks fail to clean the entire area. The interdental brush, however, proves its effectiveness in those areas because the malleable bristles contour to reach bits of food and bacteria other wise left behind. Interdental cleaners come in a variety of diameters, so they can be applied in almost any interproximal space. The plastic coating of the wire protects against galvanic shock to sensitive teeth and gums. Lactona uses the optimum amount of filaments for gently cleaning interproximal spaces thoroughly without causing damage to the tender gum tissue. By using only the highest quality materials, the interdental cleaner is able to hold more, thinner filaments with an appropriately sized wire. The sizes and identification of the interdental cleaners cylindrical shapes are as follows:

XXX-Small: 2.0mm, silver wire

XX-Small Short: 2.5mm, yellow wire

XX-Small Long: 2.5mm, yellow wire

X-Small: 3.1mm, red wire

Small: 4.0mm, green wire

Medium: 5.0mm, blue wire

Large/Medium: 6.5mm, black wire

Large: 8.0mm, violet wire

X-Large: 10.0mm, transparent wire

XX-Large: 12.0mm, dark red wire

Orders are for sets of 100 cleaners. If you would like to order 50 of one size and 50 of another, be sure to include it in a note with your order and Lactona will be sure to split it up for you!

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